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I love to cook but this week was brought to you by the letters W, O, R and K and required a microwave. My studio has a galley kitchen without a microwave so this was the first foray into microwaving meals since last summer.

When you know the week is going to be busy, microwave meals are the way to go. Trader Joe’s luckily has healthy meals in minutes that are easy to go from freezer to tote bag. I picked up 3 different meals and different cuisines. Some were home runs, others were a non-starter.


If Trader Joe’s does one cuisine well, it’s Indian. Pair this curry with Trader Joe’s naan bred and you have an Indian feast in minutes. Definitely an upgraded lunch.


This dish was a winner: in 5 minutes, I had a delicious lunch of white fish, grilled zucchini in a pesto sauce. It smelled heavenly and tasted just as wonderful. The only drawback? I might have been exceptionally hungry but this meal was more of an appetizer than an entree and left me wanting more. I think in the future, I would pair this with brown rice and dress it up with more roasted veggies to create a full meal.


I had such high hopes for this microwave meal. 270 calories? Spinach? Cheese? What could go wrong? Well, this meal fell flat. I expected a version of Trader Joe’s marinara sauce but this sauce was not good and also burned around the edges after 3 minutes. I wanted to like this dish but this is one meal I would not recommend to stock in your freezer.

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  • sCe

    Loved this post! I am always in need of quick lunches for work and this was great to read some of your reviews… If you try any other quick and easy lunch meals, let me know. I get so bored of soups and uncrustables that I am always looking to spice things up in a healthy way! I am definitely going to try the vegetable curry with naan…yum!!