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j. crew factory favorites

Maybe it’s me but I feel like J. Crew Factory has just gotten better and better. I love that I can scoop up last season J. Crew threads that I thought were too far gone to find a home in my closet. Talkin’ about you, beautiful scallop dress!

J. Crew Factory has really outdone themselves with their new arrivals. It was difficult to narrow it down but here are my top 6 picks (and why): j. crew factory favorites

1. Teagan Ruffle Popover: I own this popover in ivory + pink and I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear each about once a week. Why? Because this popover looks just as good tucked into a pencil skirt with pumps as it does untucked with Minnie pants for casual weekend wear. You cannot go wrong!

2. Optic Dot Dress: Remember a second ago when I talked about finding last season J. Crew threads? I was 90% referring to this polka dot number! Its simple lines and pattern draw me in, it’s safe to say I have a major crush on this dress.

3. Rattan Clutch: While I’m known for being a bit of a bag lady Monday through Friday, on the weekends I find myself reaching for my clutches more and more. The wicker look and gold combination make me feel like I’ll be prancing around a resort. I don’t mind that feeling one bit.

4. Double Serge Cotton Mini: Pair it with Sperrys on cooler days and later with Jacks as the temperatures rise. I love its nautical vibe, it’s a great spring-to-summer piece.

5. Eyelet Mini: How many navy skirts can one closet hold? The limit does not exist.

6. Pastel Cluster Bracelet: I’m more partial to statement bracelets than necklaces and I adore all of the colors in this bauble (read: I have a minor love affair with pastels).

What are your favorite picks from J. Crew Factory?

- Lauren Anne





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nautical wine tote

Don’t you love when you stumble upon a new site filled with fabulous items? A new world of possibilities opens! Well, I’ve discovered about six of these sites and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Sea Bags is a Portland, Maine based shop that creates totes and other items from the recycled sails of boats! How amazing is that? I love their wine totes, they’d make for a unique hostess gift or a stocking stuffer come December. Honestly, I think the wine totes would be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Sea Bags Wine TotesAhoy! // Lobstah Claw

I’m not sure which one I love more! I might like the lobster one a teensy bit more but still, it’s a pretty tight tie. Which is your favorite?

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{Monogram Monday: Nautical Bracelet}

I have a bracelet problem. I wear at least one every day and if I don’t, my wrist just feels odd. In my opinion, a bracelet stack is the best way to complete an outfit. If you need a pop of color, a bracelet stack solves the problem. If you need to tone down colorblock, a simple stack does the trick. To clarify, I categorize a “simple stack” as a stack involving usually only one pop of color and the other bracelets are either a neutral color, silver or gold. A simple stack consists of maximum 3 bracelets.

Currently, this bracelet has been calling my name to join my “simple stack” collection.

sterlingcuff jpg

Image via Swell Caroline

The roped detailing around the monogram and side hooks give the bracelet a casual elegance. {The Nautical Bracelet} will look great paired with jeans and a striped tee as well as a more sophisticated ensemble. A jewelry box must have, if you ask me.

{Swell Caroline} is one of my favorite monogram shops. Based in Atlanta, Swell Caroline offers a beautiful variety of jewelry in addition to their adorable monogram selection.

Do you have a “simple stack” favorite? What makes up your favorite stack? 

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There’s no way around it, we live in a world of multi tasking. When we’re sending emails, we’re also tweeting, texting or pinning (guilty!) and even on the walk home from work when you should mentally unwind for the day.

So it’s a pleasant vacation when you can spend the day not bogged down in responsibility and just enjoy the day! For me, that was last Saturday. My parents and I spent the week moving and getting everything organized. It was hectic and draining. When my friend Cyndi invited me to spend Saturday cruising around on a boat, I said “Ahoy matey!” and jumped on board the idea (Let’s see how many nautical puns I can make in this post!).

We had a fabulous time on the boat with plenty of mimosas (Don’t worry, our fearless Captain did not drink)! We cruised up to Mt. Vernon and enjoyed the sights before docking at National Harbor. Aside from snapping a few pictures of the sights from our boat, I kept my phone in my L.L. Bean tote and it was glorious not having my phone on me or obsessively checking it. We’re all guilty of playing mindlessly on our phones and I am certainly no exception. However, I loved momentarily forgetting about email, Facebook and yes, even Twitter.

Here are some fun pictures from our cruise:

Group Shot

How funny is this picture?? After we took it, we realized it looks like the statue behind us is about to snatch me up! Anyone else thinking of the scene in Toy Story with “The Claaawwww?”

Whew, it was an early wake up call to make it to the dock and I opted for comfort in my outfit:

My OOTD: “The Tombs” (a bar/restaurant in Georgetown) tshirt, running shorts & Sperrys

If I had thought ahead and opted not to hit “Snooze” I would have worn this:

J.Crew Nautical Shirt, J.Crew Pink Chino Shorts and a Cruisey…wait what???

That’s right, a “Cruisey.” It is an quirky play on our beloved “koozie.” Based right in Annapolis, MD, The Cruisey was founded by two entrepreneurial women with the desire to let everyone enjoy their beverage without tying up their hands. Remember earlier what I said about multi tasking? Well, there’s a happy way to multi task and The Cruisey is it!

The Cruisey allows you to “cruise” around hands free with your favorite beverage. At parties, tailgates and yes, boats, you don’t have to just drop anchor in one spot with The Cruisey. With this koozie, the world is your oyster! To be fair, I warned you about the nautical puns early on in this post.

Their koozies have adorable nautical slogans on them like “Three Sheets” and “Get Nauti.” Bridget & Kate generously sent me a koozie that says “Wide Berth,” I hope they weren’t implying I should hit the gym more!

What do you think about The Cruisey? Which fun slogan would you choose for yours?

P.S. Katie of Let’s Be Preppy recently designed her own Cruisey so check out her blog/Twitter for details!

For more pictures of our cruise, visit my Facebook page. And while you’re visiting, you could “like” it! 🙂

Sail Away Angela Moore Bracelet

I was thrilled when I was the lucky winner of  The College Prepster giveaway with Angela Moore! I choose the Sail Away Classic Bracelet because I wear blue & green frequently so I knew I would get a lot of wear out of this bracelet.

On Friday, I received my package from Angela Moore and it was absolutely adorable, an A+ for presentation!

How precious is this?

 I love the artwork on the gift bag and the perfectly matching ribbon! Note: I’m a sucker for things that are matchy-matchy, yet another trait I get from my mother. Overall, the gift bag just made me that much more excited to open it, it felt like my birthday had come early!

My new bracelet!

 The bracelet came in a pouch, another bonus point for Angela Moore! I love these pouches for packing up my jewelry when I go home for breaks. I’ll be wearing my new bracelet today so watch out for my OOTD picture!

Do you like Angela Moore jewelry? Which bracelet would you have selected?